We are the first to offer Video Demos and Skype! (It’s about time too!) Throwing out traditional ways of selling and buying online, BuySellMakeOffer will offer their new members the capability of Video and Skype. Video will be used on this new site to demonstrate product visuals. It’s about time to warrant a good buy in actually seeing what buyers are offering. This will be the first site to ever have Introduction and product video selling! Skype is available also to allow buyers and sellers a more advanced communication than just the traditional email in contacting a seller. ” Everyday people selling everyday items in its simplest form” “to set a precedent” for a new and a better way to buy and sell online.It’s a safer, more desirable and a trustworthy way of doing new business on the internet to actually speak to your seller and buyer and BuySellMakeOffer is the first in a line of selling sites to offer this new concept. To top it off, they have eliminated fees for their new consumers that have voiced their dissatisfaction in paying buying and selling fees. We listened as consumers ourselves, and have come up with Package membership rather than fees for items sold.We just wanted a format that as everyday people, our customers would appreciate it also. To be affordable and unique for our members. I think they’ll have a great time making videos and also using Skype. We are all about is “Simplicity” and no nonsense in selling online. Thank you for trying us out!

The guys at Buysellmakeoffer.com