Q. What is the fee?

A. It is a monthly membership fee and fees depend on which packages you choose.

Q. Can I pay advance months?

A. right now, we are month to month.

Q. Is there a fee per item?

A. Nope, It does not matter what you sell (see terms of use) we will only charge you your membership fee.

Q. Do you keep my credit card on file (That is uncomfortable for me)?

A. No, we do not keep any of your credit card information on our servers. Our payment processor securely encrypts & stores your credit card information on their servers. You may read more about them here.

Q. Do I have to renew my membership every month?

A. Your subscription will automatically renew each month, unless you cancel your subscription within your billing profile.

Q. Why no fees?

A. By not charging a fee for every item sold we feel that the customer has an advantage to sell more items. Our membership packages benefit both the seller and the buyer. That is our goal and we will not charge you anything except your monthly membership package fee. It works better for us and you. All we ask is that you help spread the word with your \”share buttons” on your items page. That is all we ask.

Q. Can I share my store outside of the site?

A. Yes, all your social network friends can click on your link that you share and see what you are selling. They can even “Like” your store!! Which is a great way for others to see your items!

Q. How many items can I sell?

A. That is explained within the package choices on the pricing page and depends on the package you choose.

Q. Can I sell anything I want?

A. No, please refer to our terms of use page. Here are a few examples of what you can not sell on our site: no weapons, no pornography and or adult explicit products etc… Sorry for that, but we want to keep it a site where younger viewers can be safe. Every user has a “report this” on their profile page to report anything that they may deem as inappropriate for viewing. It is up to our site operators to determine which items get removed and which ones do not.

Q. Who pays shipping and handling?

A. That is negotiated between the seller and the buyer. BSMO will not charge for anything except the package membership fee.

Q. Can I use PayPal for processing payments with customers?

A. Yes, you can use PayPal. Millions of people rely on this popular gateway for quick payment between buyer and seller. You may also use E-check acceptance for payment processing.

Q. Is my email address safe?

I hate junk mail and spam! Your email confidentiality is very important to us and will not be sold or used in any manner except for BSMO notifications. Your email address is safe with us.

Q. What is a “Vanity URL” and why do I need one?

A. “Vanity URL” is a dedicated url with your personalization added. For example, BUYSELLMAKEOFFER.COM/BettysBooth.com. You can submit this URL to search engines etc…

Q. Do I have to use “SKYPE”?

A. No, Skype is just one of the many selling features available for your use.

More questions? Just contact us or email us @ Info@BuySellmakeoffer.com