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Bold Vintage Clothing & Handmade Jewelry for Hauties Everywhere! All prices that you see listed are the TOTAL cost for the items, including shipping in the continental US. Please message me before purchase, if you are an international buyer, so we can make shipping arrangements. Thanks!

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No returns for this item, sorry!

The focal point of this piece is a gorgeous, solid brass, Art Deco Moth– measuring in at a dramatic 73mm X 55mm. This pendant is a famous vintage design made from original tools, so you will occasionally see an actual antique necklace circulating with the very same moth, but circa 1930’s etc. It is paired with your choice of beads and my very favorite, very rare, very vintage brass chain– a lovely, two-toned, rolled spiral design.

PLEASE NOTE-> the bead choices now offered with this necklace–either 6mm clear-olivine glass beads, 6mm opaque-olivine glass beads (both faceted)….or your choice of 3mm or 6mm, ROUND (not faceted) solid-brass beads. (This pendant can also be fastened to the chain by jumprings, if you prefer, BUT the connection will never be as strong as a permanently closed link, so I wouldn’t personally recommend it, but to each her own.) Just message me which beads you would like upon purchase.

I can also customize this necklace with several gemstone beads choices, as well. And there are other chain choices available. I am very willing to work with people to give them the necklace they’d prefer. Feel free to give me a holler!

This necklace will measure 18 inches long, with an additional 3 inch extender chain in back (for adjustability), unless I’m messaged a custom length upon ordering. I’ll make any necessary adjustments within a few inches, free of charge. (But if you’d like a significantly longer piece, there will be a small charge to compensate for the extra chain.)

The best way to get your ideal length is to take a non-stretchy string and loop it around your neck, ending where you’d like the top of the moth rest. I personally think this pendant looks best hanging slightly below the collarbone because of its bold size and shape, (it just seems to nestle perfectly there) but the choice yours… I aim to please! 😉 Just keep in mind that the rest of the moth will hang down approximately 2 inches from the line that you make with your loop…see the photos for reference before measuring. 

Feel free to click on any photo to enlarge for greater detail. 
Thanks for looking!