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Sorry, No Returns. I need to ensure that the whistle has never been used by anyone....for sanitary reasons. But rest assured, your whistle has never touched another's lips!

Whistles can come in very handy in self-defense situations, the LOUDER and more SHRILL, the better. I’ve been toying, for quite a while, with the notion of making a pretty, security whistle necklace and have been doing a lot of shopping and experimentation lately, in search of the perfect whistle. And I do believe that I’ve finally found it!

Introducing THE ACME THUNDERER–this whistle is LOUD. (loud loud loud) I nearly broke my eardrums when I first tried it, with an overly zealous blow. It is often referred to as the Cadillac of Whistles. 

ACME is a British company that has been making whistles for police officers, and other officials, since the 1800’s. ACME whistles are recognized as some of the finest manufactured in the world today. This is the smallest whistle that they offer, so it can be easily tucked beneath clothing, if you wish to conceal it. It is SOLID BRASS and then chrome plated, for long lasting shine, and I was instantly attracted to its shape and obvious high quality. 
It produces a classic “referee” or “police whistle” sound and is extremely LOUD.

This awesome whistle hangs from a 31″ length of lovely, vintage 1970’s, solid, red-brass, cable chain with soldered links (or strength. But–I can also put it on another chain, if you’d prefer…? Simply message me upon purchase and we will talk chain options. Please see closeup photos and ZOOM. I have hoarded large amounts of that particular chain, specifically for making this necklace, because it is my personal favorite. But I am more than willing to work with people to customize their whistle necklace.

I’ve also added vintage, solid brass beads and a high quality, brass spring clasp, to make this a beautiful piece of jewelry, as well as your best buddy in that dark parking lot. I hope you agree, she’s a beaut!

->For a discount, this whistle necklace can also be made, sans clasp, if you’d prefer. Just slip it over your head, the chain is plenty long. Feel free to message me or make an offer.

PLEASE NOTE-> For best results in a self defense situation, use a whistle in conjunction with other devices and techniques. I’d also recommend looking into things like: pepper spray, tear gas, tasers, stun guns, yawara sticks, keychain punching weapons, tactical pens, a concealed weapons permit where permissible, and most importantly-> practical self defense and/or martial arts training. 
And remember, the first rule in self defense is-> don’t be an easy target!
Always be highly aware of your surroundings and try not to look like a potential victim. Predators are often looking for an easy mark.

Alright…Stay safe and have fun, everyone <3
Thanks for lOOking.

Protect your ears! Any long term exposure to loud sounds can damage your hearing, so if you are gonna be practicing with a whistle, stuff something in your ears first..