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New, One of A Kind, Handmade Piece

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Rock a little piece of history! ORTHOCERATOIDS are fossils which are part of the cephalopod group, a classification that squid and nautilus belong to today. The orthoceratoid is really just a straightened or uncoiled ammonite. Sometimes called ‘pagoda stones’ because they resemble Chinese temples, many orthoceratoids are found in extensive fossil beds in Morocco, North Africa.

Click on any photo to enlarge for detail. The excellent example of an orthocera fossil at the center of this sexy body chain was highly polished to highlight the details of the shell, then wrapped in solid Sterling Silver wire using an ancient technique invented by viking artisans to weave rope. Although the stone is dramatically large, it is very thin and lightweight, making it comfortable to wear.

The strong cable chain is solid link (soldered closed for strength) and *Silver Filled (not plated, not pure Sterling, but a durable, more affordable, middle ground. See explanation below) and beaded with magnetized Hematite.

So this chain has it all…a rich history, magnetic beads, and a sassy attitude 😉 Fashion need not be one-dimensional! And this unusual accessory should prove to be a real conversation piece, turning heads wherever you go.
Thanks for looking!

* What is Silver Filled? Silver Filled is a layer of .925 or better silver which is mechanically bonded to a white brass core. It is hundreds of times thicker than silver plating and has the same properties as Sterling Silver, but is much more durable than plated and more affordable than pure silver.