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No returns on this particular item, but I am happy to provide more information and photos to all serious potential buyers. Please feel free to message me.

Introducing an absolutely STUNNING piece of herstory, an authentic, Victorian era, long coat with curly lambswool accents. This is an amazing find! Extremely rare and perfect for a collector. The lavender material feels like a heavy grosgrain(?), subtly ribbed, but slick to the touch. Its tailoring is Beyond, with a nipped in waist, full gathered skirt, curly gray lambswool accents, cream lace, and velvet ribbon trim. 
It also has the coolest O V E R S I Z E collar and cuffs! They do NOT make em like this anymore, folks. This is the Real Deal.

This extremely rare garment is in sturdy-good antique condition, for its age. But please keep in mind, since we’ve left the Vintage realm and have moved into Antiques, the scale for condition has changed a bit, as well. Some flaws are to be expected of a surviving garment of this age, approximately 130+ years old.

Firstly, we have not attempted to have this coat cleaned, and many of the “stains” appear to be surface dirt, which have become mottled over the years from moisture in the air. Those types of marks can usually be removed with a proper cleaning by a professional…. although, some of the marks may be true stains, as well. It is impossible to tell, at this time, but I would recommend taking this garment to someone who is trained in dealing with antique textiles to get advise on how to best proceed with a cleaning. Or just leave em be! The folds & gathers of this coat are so heavy and numerous, that spots aren’t that noticeable when the coat is being worn or displayed, as you can see from the photos. You may choose not to mess with it.

The lace cuff on the right sleeve has a piece missing, and there are some small holes and abrasions, most notably on the upper right sleeve, please ZOOM on all photos. There are some small holes in back near the shoulders, some drag holes along the hemline (to be expected of a coat this length), and a stitched repair to the front of the skirt, near the right knee, which can be seen in the photos. There is some damage to the silky pink lining and it looks as if it might have been replaced, at one point in time, and may not be original to the coat. (If that was done, it was done a LONG time ago, as the fabric also looks to be antique.) There are marks on the velvet ribbon, although some of it may just be surface dirt, as well. The hook closures may not be original to the coat, but are all operational. There may be some light fading to the fabric here and there, but again, it also just may be over a century’s worth of dust! 

The potential is Real that many of these flaws may disappear entirely if the coat is cleaned, but we did not attempt it, as it should be undertaken by an expert.
Overall, the visual impact is stunning! This coat is extremely sturdy, structurally sound, and still wearable. Also an excellent candidate for display.

PLEASE NOTE-> Feel free to message me for supplemental close-up photos and a complete inventory of the flaws found. I am happy to help.

WORTH MENTIONING-> This coat is extremely H E A V Y (approximately 14 lbs without packaging) …which affects its shipping cost. It will also need to be insured for its worth. Hence, the customs form for international sales must be filled out accurately. I would recommend that a bit of research be done on tariff codes, to find the best deal to get it into your country. As per my shop policies, I will not falsify a Customs Form, but I will fill it out using the code that you request, as long as it fits. This coat can feasibly fall under several categories, so definitely shop around to find the best rate->

Sizewise, I would classify it as a modern SMALL, but a very LONG (and heavy)-Small. So please see the measurements below. They were all taken with the garment laying flat, seam to seam, and have already been doubled where necessary. Please compare them to a similar garment of your own. There is almost no stretch to the fabric and it is an extremely structured piece. 

For reference, the lovely Sierr is 5’8″ tall and a modern XS-Small. It fit her beautifully! As you can see, this coat is fairly long, so I would recommend it for a person with a similar long, lean build, if you intend to wear it. Sierr is also wearing 3″ heels.

Shoulders->15.5″ (39+ cm)
Bust->35″ (89 cm)
Waist->24″ (61 cm)
Hips->35″ (89 cm)
Sleeve length-> 21″ (53+ cm)– 26″ including lace (66+ cm)
Entire length->57″ (144+ cm)

This is an extremely Rare Antique Find. You will not find it elsewhere. For the most serious of collectors, but I could also see it being snapped up by someone in the film industry. And I only have one, so if you love it, don’t let it get away!