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Bold Vintage Clothing & Handmade Jewelry for Hauties Everywhere! All prices that you see listed are the TOTAL cost for the items, including shipping in the continental US. Please message me before purchase, if you are an international buyer, so we can make shipping arrangements. Thanks!
Items For Sale

Vintage 50s Red Square Dance Patio Dress Silver Ric Rac Country Western Swing Juniors Size or Petite Adult XS

California Sold

Introducing an absolutely GORGEOUS, vintage 1950’s, patio dress. This lil beauty is pulling out all the stops! Made of a

RARE Vintage 60s Black Houndstooth Mod Mini Dress

California $77.00

Introducing a very rare find, indeed…an authentic, vintage 1960’s, Mod Mini Dress! This piece is an excellent example of its

Vintage 1960s White Cotton Swiss Embroidered Eyelet Maxi Dress Summer Frock Hippie Wedding Dress

California $70.00

Are you a fair maiden? As pure as the Driven Snow…? Introducing a gorgeous, vintage 1960’s, white cotton, maxi dress. So

Vintage 1980s Square Dance Dress Orange Sherbet Tequila Sunrise Western Swing Americana Barn Dance SMALL

California $60.00

She’ll have the Tequila Sunrise! Introducing a very sweet, very bright, very cheery rainbow-sherbet-cotton square dance dress. This piece was made by

Bullet Statement Necklace–Rifle 223 Dummy Round Copper Beads Rare Vintage Brass Tube Beads Sexy Punk Rocker Choker Bib Collar NRA Hunter

California $45.00

PLEASE NOTE-> This item is now made-to-order. Please allow one week construction time.This necklace turned out so cute, if I

Magnetic Copper Bracelet with Hemalyke Therapy Beads-Three Colors to Choose From–Gold/Peacock/Hematite

California $22.00

PLEASE NOTE-> I now offer these bracelets with your choice of either a solid copper SPRING CLASP (with an additional

Sexy Silver Body Chain Sterling Wire Wrapped Fossil Magnetic Hematite Gypsy Witchy Goddess Boho Body Jewelry

California $85.00

Rock a little piece of history! ORTHOCERATOIDS are fossils which are part of the cephalopod group, a classification that squid

RARE Sexy Lace Up Designer Denim Jumpsuit Playsuit Tommy Hilfiger Deadstock Mechanic Rocker Americana Rock N Roll

California Sold

Introducing a sexy, designer, denim jumpsuit by Tommy Hilfiger. This was a short term promotional piece, so they only produced

Art Deco Moth Necklace Egyptian Revival Roaring 20’s Style

California $35.00

The focal point of this piece is a gorgeous, solid brass, Art Deco Moth– measuring in at a dramatic 73mm

Vintage 1960s 1970s Moroccan Black Velvet Caftan Gold Embroidered Dashiki Festival Dress Tribal Boho Ethnic Hippie Gypsy Burning Man

California Sold

Introducing an absolutely fabulous, black velvet, Moroccan caftan with metallic-gold, Turkish embroidery. I was told that it is vintage late

Vintage 1970s Maxi Dress Red White Check MELENY ROAD Sylvia Madon Fourth of July 4 Day Dress Gingham Picnic Small

California $50.00

PERFECT for that Fourth of July BBQ! Introducing a sweet lil cutie pie of a dress; a classic, red &

Vintage 1960s Mini Skirt Astrological Sign Novelty Print Fourth July 4 Patriotic Red White Blue Zodiac Astrology Horoscope Petite XS

California $55.00

PERFECT for that Fourth of July BBQ! This rare lil beauty from the 1960’s was such a Find! It is

Vintage 1990 Does 1970s Block Print Wrap Skirt India Indian Elephant Paisley Dashiki Boho Ethnic Gypsy Hippie Festival Cotton Medium Large

California $45.00

Introducing a boho classic, a 1990’s Does 1970’s, Indian Block Print Wrap Skirt, by Paths of Spirit. Skirts like these

Vintage 1950s Maroon Red Velvet Tulle Gown Coquette Original Debutante Quinceañera Ballgown Party Dress Frock Prom Petite Small

California $240.00

 Introducing an absolutely breathtaking, vintage 1950’s, maroon-red, velvet and tulle party dress by Coquette Originals. That label specialized in these

Vintage 1950s Dusty Rose Pink Tulle Gown Ballgown Prom Formal Party Dress Debutante Quinceañera Petite XS

California Sold

Introducing an absolutely deluscious, dusty-rose pink, vintage 1950’s tulle and lace party dress! This gown was custom-made for someone’s special

Vintage 1950s Champagne Pink Tulle & Satin Gown Prom Dress Emma Domb Full Length Ballgown Petite XS Small

California $190.00

Introducing an absolutely breathtaking, champagne-pink, tulle and satin, full length gown by Emma Domb. Emma Domb was a San Francisco,

RARE Vintage 1960s Black White Check Gingham Sailor Maxi Dress Nautical Small Medium

California $75.00

Introducing a super adorable, vintage 1960’s, black & white gingham striped, sailor dress. It was obviously professionally made (very high

RARE Vintage 1980s Graphic Art Evening Gown Sexy Painted Body Con Maxi Dress Medium

California $200.00

Me-Ow! Introducing an absolutely gorgeous, dramatic, 1980’s LILLIE RUBIN Designer Evening Gown. What a special dress <3 Featuring a body con,

SEXY Vintage 1980s 1990s Beaded Black Silk Top Camisole Tank Corset Cecily Brown Backless Evening Cocktail Petite XS SM

California $63.00

Introducing a fabulously witchy, vintage late 80’s-early 90’s, heavily beaded, silk top by Cecily Brown. Hot Damn! This thing is

RARE Vintage 1950 1960 Silk Jewel Tone Mod Coat Small Medium

California $200.00

I can not say enough good things about this rare and extremely beautiful, vintage late 1950’s-early 1960’s, jewel-tone coat! I

Vintage 1960s Square Dance Patio Dress Americana Line Dance Medium Large

California Sold

Introducing a beautiful, vintage 1960’s, geometric print square dance dress. This is a truly gorgeous lil slice of American herstory,

Vintage 1980s Mens Pioneer Wear Western Style Tweed Blazer Jacket Cowboy Medium Large

California $60.00

Introducing a sweet, vintage 1980’s, Western Men’s blazer by Pioneer Wear, an American label from Albuquerque, NM. This company specialized

Vintage 1940s Straw Hat Wide Brim Suzy Lee Retro Mid Century

California $78.00

This is such a gorgeous vintage 1940’s-1950’s straw cartwheel hat designed by Suzy Lee of California. The hat is made

Vintage 1970s Does Victorian Era Watercolor Impressionist Peplum Maxi Dress XS Small

California Sold

Introducing a very unique find, a vintage 1970’s Does Edwardian Era, Watercolor Floral Print, peplum maxi dress with fluttery bell

Red White Blue Designer Skirt Patriotic Dress Emmanuel Ungaro July 4 Size 16

California Sold

Perfect for that Fourth of July Picnic or BBQ that you plan to attend. A very retro yet classic design.

Security Whistle Necklace Solid Brass ACME Thunderer Dog Training Anti Rape Signal Aid

California $35.00

Whistles can come in very handy in self-defense situations, the LOUDER and more SHRILL, the better. I’ve been toying, for

Vintage 1960s Square Dance Patio Dress Angel Sleeve Small Medium

California $68.00

Introducing a darling, vintage 1960’s, square dance patio dress! This piece is Beyond Adorable, with a sweet, soft cotton, novelty

Vintage 1970s Tomato Red Canvas Cropped Jacket Oversize Lapels Vegan Cruelty Free Small

California $45.00

Introducing a darling, vintage 1970’s, tomato-red, canvas cotton jacket. There is no surviving maker’s label, but this piece was professionally

VERY RARE Antique 1800s Authentic Victorian Long Coat Lavender Purple Curly Lambswool Lace Ascot Oversize Collar & Cuffs Civil War Costume

California $725.00

Introducing an absolutely STUNNING piece of herstory, an authentic, Victorian era, long coat with curly lambswool accents. This is an

Vintage 1960s White Sleeveless Mini Dress Sexy Mod Preppy Tennis Summer Petite SM

California $58.00

Introducing an absolutely a-dorbs, vintage 1960’s, white mini dress. There is no surviving maker’s label, unfortunately, but it is obviously

RARE Vintage 1970s Black Jumpsuit Lanz Original Disco Palazzo Pant Wide Leg Bell Bottom Halter Top Witchy Vampire Goth Small

California $128.00

Introducing a very rare, vintage 1970’s, Black halter top jumpsuit by Lanz Original. This label was founded by Josef Lanz

Vintage 1980s Black White Polka Dot Peplum Mini Dress Retro Cocktail Party Evening Punk Mod New Wave Medium Large

California $60.00

Introducing a vintage 1980’s, polka dot, peplum mini dress. Such an iconic 80’s look, with great poof sleeves, a short


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Bold Vintage Clothing & Handmade Jewelry for Hauties Everywhere! All prices that you see listed are the TOTAL cost for the items, including shipping in the continental US. Please message me before purchase, if you are an international buyer, so we can make shipping arrangements. Thanks!

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